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Southside pageants is Atlanta's newest most recognized pageant system. Our tagline simply states "It's more than a pageant, It's an Experience. The experience is what we are recognized for. EVERY child is treated as a winner. Every person that walks in the doors are simply in awe of what we put into every pageant. "WOW" is always the word of the day. 

If we had to narrow down three highlights of Southside they would be : 1. you will get your monies worth at every pageant. 2. you will meet the director and stay in direct constant communication as needed. 3. you are treated fairly, with a rotating diverse panel of judges at EVERY pageant. 

We are bringing back old school pageantry, with a new school twist. Every girl is treated fairly, and every contestant will have fun while building confidence. 

At Southside winners will have the opportunity to participate in many local fashion shows and could be submitted to local modeling and television gigs that become available. 

 We look forward to building a trusting relationship with you. please feel free to leave me a message if you are interested in joining our one of our upcoming pageants.

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